Meet The Team at Cambridge Podiatry

Jugat Kaur-Medibank Preferred Practitioner

Speaks Punjabi and Hindi

Jugat is a local graduate, having recently completed her degree in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Western Australia. She has been involved in a number of local activities in the wider community, with some including; volunteering at the Women’s Walk for Cancer and the Oxfam trail walker, where she provided foot care to participants as part of a large Podiatry team.

Jugat has a wide range of skills and experience in all aspects of Podiatry including; the treatment of ingrown nails, corns and calluses, problematic nails including fungal infections, warts and foot and ankle pain. Jugat has a keen interest in biomechanics and sporting injuries, involving the use of customised orthotics to help relieve painful symptoms and improve biomechanical function. Jugat is also able to provide comprehensive Diabetic foot assessments and be involved in the management of the ‘high-risk foot’ including Diabetes and Arthritic conditions, as she is a strong believer in the phrase ‘prevention is better than management’.

When she’s not helping fix feet, Jugat keeps herself occupied with her passion for dance, enjoys running and playing netball and spending time with family and friends. Jugat works in our practice in the heart of the Wembley area, at Cambridge Podiatry, easily accessible on Cambridge Street, Wembley.



Kira Critchley-Medibank Preferred Practitioner

Kira is one of our friendly and experienced podiatrist here at Cambridge Podiatry. With over five years of experience, working in private practice, she has thoroughly developed her skills and podiatric treatment techniques. Kiras expertise lies in the treatment and diagnosis of ingrown, fungal and thickened nails, as well as corns and warts. Additionally, she performs routine skin and nail care for those who find it difficult to reach their feet.

Further, Kira can also assist with the prevention of future foot complications, particularly those related to diabetes. Her ability to administer thorough diabetic foot screening and early intervention is one of her many strengths. Finally, Kira is confident in the treatment of biomechanical conditions which cause forefoot, bunion and heel pain with both custom orthotic therapy and footwear correction.


Klaudia Tot-Podiatrist

Klaudia-PodiatristKlaudia graduated from The University of Western Australia as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine in 2018. Since graduating, Klaudia has worked in both a private clinic and a medical centre.
She enjoys assisting people of all ages with various foot problems including general care, ingrown toenails and foot pain. Klaudia has a special interest in the high-risk diabetic foot and providing general care.

Klaudia has always been passionate about podiatry and strongly believes that healthy feet are vital to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle! She is very enthusiastic and will work with you to provide excellent treatment that is tailored specifically to your needs. She looks forward to your next appointment with her!



Carolyn Poole – Receptionist

Carolyn is one of our enthusiastic receptionists at Cambridge Podiatry. Carolyn will be your first point of contact when booking an appointment or attending our clinic. Her glass-half-full attitude will brighten almost anyone’s day, and nothing will be left unanswered! Carolyn loves that she works in a vibrant podiatry clinic with two amazing and skilful podiatrists that provide quality care. Carolyn is thankful that she is surrounded by a friendly and supportive team within the company to lend me a helping hand if needed. The best part about Carolyn’s job is meeting new clients and having wonderful chats to regular patients! She loves to see the impact that podiatry contributes to each patient’s lives, to improve their health outcomes, to be pain-free and active again.



Sarah Walker – Receptionist

Sarah is our other friendly receptionist here at Cambridge. She thoroughly enjoys being part of a caring and qualified team who strives to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.  Sarah enjoys working alongside the amazing podiatrists to ensure a positive outcome for every patient, improving health and to help them become pain-free.