Ingrown Nails

What is an Ingrown Toenail?

An Ingrown Toenail is when the toenail digs into the skin. This is a very common condition affecting all ages. First it will dig into the nail bed with signs of swelling, redness and pain. As it worsens it may puncture the flesh and cause infection. An ingrown nail most commonly occurs on the big toes.

How do you get an Ingrown Toenail?

-Improper cutting of the nail. It is advised that the nail is cut straight across and filed down.                                                                       ingrown nail wembley

-Shoes that are too small causing the nail to be pressed against the skin. Make sure to pick shoes with enough room in the toes.

-Trauma to the nail can cause permanent damage and cause abnormal growth such as thickening which will dig into the skin.

-Fungal nails will also cause thickening leading to similar effects as trauma.

-Genetics can also play a role producing curved nails.

How Can a Podiatrist Help Ingrown Nails?

A podiatrist will remove the portion of the ingrown toenail, with or without local anaesthetic depending on the level of pain. We will then advise how to take care of the nail, from dressing it afterwards and to prevent it from re-occurring.

If the ingrown toenail does come back, surgery may be considered as a permanent solution. In this case, local anaesthetic is applied to the nail and a portion of nail is removed all the way down to the base of the nail. A chemical is then applied to kill the nail root on that portion of the nail. Note that the rest of the nail besides the ingrown part is unaffected in the surgery. The surgery has a very high rate of success.


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