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What to expect at your first visit?

When you come to your first appointment the podiatrist will discuss your individual problem, outline possible causes and suggest at treatment plan to resolve your symptoms. Treatment will depend on the results and outcome of your initial visit, it may involve a combination of various treatments designed to optimize recovery. All treatment plans are reviewed on an ongoing basis to maximize your recovery.

What to bring with you?

  • Any previous prescribed orthotics or insoles.
  • Any xrays or ultrasounds that you may have of the foot.
  • Suitable shoes or trainers you may have.
  • If you are coming for a biomechanical assessment please wear loose clothing that can roll above your knees.
    Alternatively you can bring a pair of shorts.

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Cambridge Podiatry

The 9 Great Reasons to Choose Cambridge Podiatry

Here are 9 of the top most important things about us according to our patients:

1. You Always Get a Solution

No patient ever gets a “sorry we can’t help you “response.If required,we inter refer you to find the best solution in the fastest time.You will NEVER be sent away from us without options for your care.

2. A Clear Plan for You

Patients receive individualised treatment plans which act as your “Road to Recovery Map “this includes an “Enhancement Bio-Mechanics Assessment “(EBA)to treat the cause not the symptom.We often find the problem you didn’t know existed,which helps you back on your feet.

3. A Rare Team Approach

We offer a rare team approach,with experts in all field of podiatry.Which means our health professionals understand and extend our knowledge and techniques to help you back on your feet as fast as possible.

4. A Clean and Professional Environment

Health and safety is one of our highest priorities.You’ll love how fastidious we are in terms of cleaning.Including all our podiatry tools and instruments which go through our rigorous 4 stage hygiene regimes.

5. A Highly Skilled and Experienced Team

As health providers of “first choice “we have been in business for more than 15 years and offer multiple locations across Perth,a track record among the finest in the industry.

6. Respectful Communication with Other Professionals

We solve health problems, not create them….which emans that we provide clear and regular communication with other medical professionals so get you back to health as fast as possible.

7. Our Patient-First Approach

Expect care that is strictly patient-centered.Our overriding concern and motivation is the care and wellbeing of our patients.

8. Our Treatment are Based on the Latest Research

All our health professionals are up to date and earn more Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours than mandated.You can be confident you receive the latest, most up to date care.

9. We Empower You to Health

It is not our intention to have you coming in for appointment after appointment endlessly.Education and employment you is our passion.We always give clear and expert explanations, so you can learn how to stop issues recurring where possible